Welcome to CRXILLION Club

The CRXILLION Club is our first non-fungible token (NFT) collection of unique, hyper realistic 3D felines that not only express your unique style, but also grant you access to Staking at VIP REWARD POOLS and other, amazing upcoming features! We are releasing this collection as part of our implementation of what we call in our Whitepaper the “DeFi Gamification”.

Our concept is to make adoption of our DeFi protocols not only simpler but also more fun to use for all kinds of users. Each CRXILLION NFT has a rarity score, based on its appearance characteristics. This adds a new layer of gamification to their mechanics, since certain combinations will be more valuable than others. Our NFTs will be tradeable at all major marketplaces, so there won’t be a lack of buyers for your CRXILLIONs! Learn more about them here